Low Cost Business Ideas In The Philippines

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Hi friends! I am glad that you found this article about low cost business ideas in the Philippines. I know that you are one of the go getter business minded people who would like to start their own business but just a little hesitant because of the idea about capital. Well, this is what I would like to tell you now, as long as you have the desire, you are committed and you are patient you can definitely start a good business at very low capital.

Now, at what range do I mean by low capital? Believe it or not you can start your business at P500-P2,000 only, think about PASSION and NEED.

I know a lot of Filipino businessmen who started at very small business that gives them small income but because what they are doing is their passion and they have the patience to mold and build what they have started they were able to grow their business and made it their main income stream.

Just remember to hold on that passion, continue to learn and innovate the process and do not get discourage for whatever reason that comes along your way.

So, what are these low cost business ideas that you can start with?

  1. Food
    1. Embutido
    2. Cupcake
    3. Candy
  2. Babies Felt Shoes
  3. Accessories
    1. Cracky Marble Necklace
    2. Paper Clip Earring
    3. Jersey Knit Bracelet
  4. Candle
  5. T-Shirt Printing
  6. Beaded Slipper
  7. Door Mat and Pot Holder
Start offering your products to your family and friends. By word of mouth you will definitely start building your brand and they will start noticing what you offer and recommend it to their friends. Make sure to prioritize the quality of your goods and not just go for the money. Trust me, if you put the quality first the money will just come along with it very smoothly.

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  1. Great find. I just want to ask if a small business is also required to do the business registration?

  2. Hi! I would to feature you in our program. how do I contact you?


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