Paper Clip Earring Business

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Hello guys and gals! I would like to share this another business idea that you can start with today. I know not just fasionistas out there would love this but also the business minded one. So grab the materials needed now and let's start this paper clip earring project.

What you'll need:
  • Paper Clip
  • Glue stick and Glue gun or liquid stitch
  • Cotton thread (sinulid)
  • Earring hooks

Paper Clip Earrings

Here's How:

Basically unbending the clip at all three of the curves.

Glue the ends together.
Start winding your cotton thread around the wire.
Try liquid stitch, it’s a permanent,
clear drying adhesive that didn't
 cause any bumps of dried hot glue along the way.

Once you’ve wound all the way round
and secured with glue,
you can then take another length of string
and wind around the width of the “earring”
creating horizontal stripes or you can
create a more messy look by creating a “net” design.

Then just clamp on a pair of earring hooks.
You can also simply grab the hooks of 
old earrings you no longer use.

Viola! you now have that beautiful and modern looking earrings. What's good about this is that it is light that will not weigh down your earlobe.


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