T-Shirt Printing Business

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Home business ideas help us to earn money in simple ways. One of this business is t-shirt printing it is easy to make and it is also very unique. We just need to be more creative and practical. Hard work and efforts are the capital in handling this kind of business.

Why T-Shirt Printing Business
  • T-shirt printing is unique you can decide what style you want to print on.
  • It can be personalized it’s up to you if what figure you want to print on the t-shirt.
  • It is fashionable.
  • By printing you can express yourself you can make anything you want.
  • Your creativeness will be practiced by printing in any shirt.
  • You can make this anytime and anywhere you want.

 How to Make T-Shirt Printing:
Colorful Tulco
  1. The first thing you need to do in making t-shirt printing is, get any plain t-shirt for printing.
  2. Second step make or draw any pictures, letters, numbers (or anything you want to print on) to a cartolina and it will serve as your layout.
  3. And the third step make a frame with a screen or if there is no available screen you can use an old stocking, it is use for printing.
  4. The forth step get the brush and tulco(it is a paint use for printing into a shirt it can be rubberized or not) .
  5. Fifth step if the materials are already complete it is now ready for printing:
    Different Sizes of Silkscreen
    • To start with the procedure, get the plain t-shirt, screen and layout.
    • Before putting the screen and layout on the top of the shirt make sure that you place a cartoon inside the shirt to avoid any bleach.
    • After putting the cartoon you may now place the layout and then the screen on the top of the shirt remember that the layout should be in between the shirt and the screen the shirt is on the lower part and the screen is on the top, take note you can decide any part of the shirt you want to print on.
    • Then you can now brush on the tulco in the screen to print the figure in the shirt make sure that you spread out the tulco to the screen to have a good result any way it’s up to you if what color of tulco you want to apply on.
    • And then remove the screen slowly be careful in removing the screen and layout into the shirt to avoid any damage.
    • And after removing the screen and layout get the shirt and place it in a hanger and hang it for a half hour, to make it dry use a blower or electric fan. Take note do not expose it into the sun because it may have damage in the print.
    • Then if the print is already dry you need to iron it, so that the print may not remove easly and that is the finish product it is now ready for delivery so that’s how easy and unique a t-shirt printing is.

Blue T Shirt
How Much Will You Make:

In purchasing this product the price depends on the type and size of the design of the print. If the print is rubberized it is expected that the price is higher than the regular price it can be 300pesos and above. And the cost of the regular t-shirt with print can be 150 to 200 pesos. And if the print is personalized there is a special payment for it. But then it is in affordable price.

Additional Tip:

It is advisable if you buy this in a whole sale because you can get it in a lower price than having this per pieces. And it is available for souvenir like birth day, wedding, christening and many more. And one thing more is that it is the best product where you can have as a personalized shirt.

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