Beaded Slippers Business

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Give a classy look to your regular slipper with the use of household tools and make profit out of it.

Why beaded slippers business:
Philippines is a tropical country when most of the time people are wearing slippers ‘tsinelas’ or sandals most of the time. Nowadays, wearing slippers had been a fashion trend to a lot of men and women since it is comfortable and versatile.

Beaded Slippers
What We Need:

  •  Long nose pliers, P35 to P120
  •  fishing lune (30 mm thick), P40 for a big roll
  •  Glue gun, P100 to P200
  •  Glue stick, P3 to P5 per piece
  •  Scissors
  •  Needles
  •  1 Pair of plain rubber slippers or flip-flops, P25 at wholesale price, available at department stores (sa Divisoria para mas makamura)
  •  1 to 1.5 yards of satin or organza ribbons, P4 to P8 per yard
  •  Various accessories (i.e. beads, pearls, sequins), P0.05 to P10 per piece

How to Make the Beaded Slippers

  1. Prepare all the things that you’ll be needed for making the slippers before you start anything. Make sure you are on a safe table and beads are organized on a container.
  2. Check the slippers to make sure there is no damage and the surface is clean and dry.
  3. Wrap the thong with a ribbon. Attached the one end of the ribbon to the base and as you continuously wrap the thong keep putting glue on the surface to make the placement secure.
  4. Now that you’ve already prepared the ribbon where we are going to sew the beads, cut about half a yard of the fishing line and thread it through the needle. Sew on the accessories, stitching from the top middle part going downwards, and making sure that the knotted part in on the top of the thong.
  5. Survey your work to check that both sides have balanced design. Then, tie a strong but clean knot on the end for durability.

Ribbon and Beaded Slippers
How Much Will I Make
The capital for simple beaded slippers is P50.00 and you can sell them P75 to P90 to dealers and P100 to 120 for outright sales.

Additional Tip:
• Aside from selling this on retail and as a gift, this is also best for souvenirs like birthdays and weddings.
• Find stores where you can sell the beaded slippers in bulk or wholesale, this will give you a lot higher profit than retail.

So what do you think about this beaded slippers business? Please post a comment down below.

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