Summer Business Ideas: Jersey Knit Bracelet

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Today, I was wondering all over the internet searching for what could be a perfect business idea this coming summer. And just as perfect this Jersey Knit Bracelet come up. What's cool about this is that you can match it with your favorite bikini while you are in one of your escapade, or with your favorite t-shirt and jeans while walking on shopping mall. Your friends could probably be jealous of your bracelet since it's super cute and artistic.
So let's get this done!

Jersey Knit Bracelet

Jersey Knit Bracelet Side View

Jersey Knit Bracelet Top View

What you will be needing:
  • 3 pcs. jersey knit fabric cut to 1" each
    with the length of at least 58
  • Scissors
Take your 1" strips and cut on your ends a 1/4" slit  


Take your slits and line them up ends together.

Take your bottom strip and pull it through
the slits from TOP to bottom.

Gently pull till you get a little knot.

Weave the strip in and out of our fingers.
Use the next set of pictures as a guideline 

(next set of pictures are for 4 fingers)

Start off with weaving behind the pointer,
in front of the middle, behind the ring,
and in front of the pinky finger.

You should now have all fingers "weaved upon"

Bring one big loop around to face you
(from the pinky to pointer)

Take your weaved loops and go over your finger
and big loop like the picture above.

Continue to do so with all the fingers going in order.

When you get to the end, or at the end of your first chain
(at your pointer finger) make a new loop and start the process
all over again once you get like 6 chains done.

Take your starting tail and gently pull
(while your chain is still securely placed on your fingers!)
so that you can get a good feel as to how long you
need to make your chain, depending on your wrist size.

Just like the 4 finger chain 
start with a small tail (of at least 4 inches)

Starting on your ring finger, 
weave behind (your ring finger)
and then in front of your pinky.

Then come back and loop back 
in front of your ring finger.

Come back around from behind 
(from the pinky side) to the front to make a big loop .

Repeat the steps I showed you
while doing the 4 finger bracelet.

Remember to pull your tail so it makes
the chain more defined and it gives you
a better idea of how long you need to
make your chain. 

Once you've determined you have
a long enough chain, carefully pull the loops
off your fingers, making sure you don't undo
any of the chain by losing the loops.

Slip the extra tail into both loops.
Pull all the way through, and gently tug the end.

Tie off your bracelet with a knot.

Cut off excess tails

How many fingers you use will determine
how thick your bracelet will end up.

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