Cracky Marble Neclace

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> You can be pretty and fabulous with trying this cracky marble pendant in such little ways.


  • plain marbles (any color of marbles as long as it is translucent)
  • necklace chain (silver, bronze or gold)
  • necklace clasp
  • starter rings
  • oven
  • ice water/ cold water
  • cookie sheet
  • metal bowl
  • glue (epoxy glue)

1) Prepare the following materials in order to start creating cracky marbles necklace.
2)After preparing the materials you can now put the marbles in the cookie sheet.
3) Then set up the oven and put inside of it the cookie sheet contains the marbles at about 325-350 for 20minutes.
4)And after 20 minutes you can finally take them out of the oven and put them in a metal bowl.
5) And then as you put the baked marbles in the metal bowl make sure that it has a cold water and ice in order to create the cracks.
6) And finally the crack marbles is ready the next thing you can do is to glue end caps to them with the starter rings.
7) And now the pendant is ready so you may now assemble the necklace, just connect the necklace chain with the necklace clasp.
8)And lastly you need to attached the pendant to the necklace and at last the cracky marble necklace is ready.

How much will you make:
>For as low as 300pesos you can create 20pieces of cracky marble necklace. The materials which is used in this business is very affordable and simple, since marbles is only 50pesos per pack, the necklace chain is 10pesos each and the glue together with the starter rings and necklace clasp is only 50pesos.
>You can purchase it per piece or as a wholesale.
Cracky marble necklace cost only 12pesos ,so you can sell this for about 15pesos each and you actually getting an income of 3pesos.

> You can be elegant and fabulous in wearing this super simple and affordable necklace.
> You don't have to exert much effort and money in making necklace just be wise and creative.
>It is an ideal gift for your friends, family members and your love ones.
>You may post your finish products to any form of social networking sites e.g., fb, instagram, tumbler and many more to market your product as well as to endorse it to all the interested viewers.

>Expensive materials and so much effort is not the main capital in starting a business, just be wise, practice and creative enough to win your ideal clients and customers.
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