Door Mat and Pot Holder Business

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Door mat and pot holder business is one of the cheapest and easiest home business to start.

Why Door Mat and Pot Holder Business:

• First of all you have less competition in this business because people tend to ignore pot holder until the time comes that they needed to have one.
• The main material to be used is just fabric or even your used clothes and a sewing kit which can be found in the usual household equipment.

How To Make the Door Mat and Pot Holder:
1. Cut your fabric as your desired size for the door mat and the pot holder. This will also depend on your design.

2. Layer the fabric together – with the back piece wrong side up, your padding material on top of that, and finally, the front piece right side up. Carefully, pin the pieces together.

3. Sew them together.

4. Finish the edges of the door mat and pot holder with pre-folded bias tape. Starting at a corner, place the slightly wider side of the bias tape along the bottom edge, and fold the narrower side over the raw edges of the fabric.

5. Be careful easing the tape around the corners of the door mat or pot holder, making sure not to over stretch the tape around corners or curves. Pin the tape into place as you go.

6. Beginning at the starting corner of the tape, stitch carefully over the thick-side of the tape, as close to the inside edge as possible.

How Much Will I Make:
You may sell each pot holder from P20-P50 or P100-P120 and the door mat from P100 – P300, even higher depending on the size and the customize designs.

Additional Tip:
Simply make your designs more attractive and has a high quality and surely it will stand out in the marketplace.

So what do you think about this door mat and pot holder business? Please post a comment down below.

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