Candle Making Business

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Candles make great gifts and know what’s more fun about candles? It is a good source of income! Candle making business is cheap, easy and fun to make. The materials are available at any arts/crafts store, malls or simply "recycle" candles/wicks you already have. Containers can be just about anything made of glass, porcelain or metal, that can be found in your kitchen, but make sure the opening is wide enough to allow the wick to "breathe”.

Colorful Candles for Different Occasions


  • Turkey Baster
  • Large aluminum baking pan (conventional oven) or Pyrex bowl/mixing cup (toaster oven)
  • Wick
  • Wick base (manufactured) -or- paper clip -or- flat washer
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Scissors
  • Paper clips (straightened - or -  any solid/pliable metal rod)
  • Container (glass, porcelain, etc.)
  • Wax
  • Oven


      1. Heat oven to 300 degrees
      2. Place wax in pyrex or baking dish
      3. When melted, reduce heat to 200 degrees
      4. Let cool down 5-10 minutes
      5. Prepare the wick and base
    • place wick/base in bottom center of container
    • drip a small amount of melted wax onto wick and base (about 1/2"/cover bottom surface)
    • use straightened paper clips to hold wick in center

      6. Let dry/set
      7. Remove wax from oven
      8. Let cool 5 minutes
      9. Using turkey baster, draw up wax, gently release wax into container (about 1-2 inches at a time)
      10. When near the top, try to maintain flat surface for maximum burn-efficiency (or, you can gently "tug" the wick after  final layer, to create an aesthetic "crown" or "dip" to the surface
      11. Trim wick about one-inch from top of wax.

  • Do not move container while wax is setting. This will cause the wick to fall into the wax and layers to mix undesirably.
  • WICKS: Too thin and it won't melt the wax properly. Too thick, and it will burn too fast for the wax. The wider the top of container, the thicker the wick required (experiment).   
  • Raise wax-height gradually (wick collapse)
  • Be sure baster is COMPLETELY empty after EACH use (rinse with HOT water, squeeze out excess wax or it will CLOG.)

  • To layer colors, let each level dry/set before adding more wax
  • To blend and combine colors for cool effects, add new wax at different set-times 
  • Poke holes in semi-dried wax for creative color-blending
  • Place pattern mold in top as wax dries. Carefully remove just before setting. OPTION: fill with alternate-colored wax
  • Drip wax on outside or rim for effect.
  • Be creative, experiment with different base for different personalities, different occasions and even for holidays, have fun!
So what now?
Grab the pen and paper, write down the materials you will be needing, go to arts and crafts store near you and then start doing this project NOW! Yeah you read it right, go!

And one last thing, don't forget to have some fun, that's the secret for a creative artwork ;)

Some samples to give you more ideas:

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