5 Key Things to Make Money from Google AdSense

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Here are the 5 simple key things that you need to make money from Google AdSense:

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  1. To start, you need to think of a NICHE that people are interested in and at the same time you have the knowledge and the passion.
    WARNING: If you skip this part, you will not make enough earnings to justify your time and effort.
  2. Then you need to have the RIGHT KEYWORDS. Meaning, the keywords must be related to your niche, people were actually searching this keywords on search engines, easy to outrank competitors and make sure that advertisers bid on this keywords.
    WARNING: If you skip keyword research, no matter how great the niche that you chose, you will fail.
  3. Here comes the king. Write for a super QUALITY CONTENT. The article should be 300-500 word count, do not mentiion your keyword more than 5 times because search engine will flag you as spam. Just write it naturally the way people will love to read.
    ADDITIONAL TIP: Add in the research some theme related content. This will increase the search ranking.
  4. For the fourth key, you have to build a website that is designed for easy reading as well as basic SEO. This will give you the good reputation and the right listing on the internet.
    WARNING: Don't skip this or else you'll be dead in the water.
  5. Lastly, all of the 4 key things seems to be perfect but you need not to forget the SITE PROMOTION (backlinks). This will act as the water that will keep your site alive, running and monetizing.
    WARNING: A lot of people skip this part that prevent them from earning a good income stream.
However, I wanna give you a warning that making money from Google AdSense is NOT an easy business. It is true that this has great potential, but you need to work hard in learning more and must be willing to undergo to a lot of failures before you can see any success.

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