How To Earn Money With Hubpages

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Online businesses have made a big trend since the news spread about earning money online. Different opportunities have been layout to help out beginners who want to start their own business at home.

Recently I've made a little experiment about Hubpages because I have read from different blog post that there is a money on writing hubs. So I give it a shot.

How To Earn Money With Hubpages

What is Hubpages?

"Basic is the building block". First thing first, I should explain to you what is hubpages. HubPages is a website designed around sharing advertising revenue for user-generated articles and other content on specific subjects - Wikipedia. Basically it is a web 2.0 site that let's you post or publish a hub(lingo inside the site which refers to content or article). This hub can be of any topic that you are knowledgeable of or that you have interest to write about. I know you are familiar with blogging, so writing for hubpages is just like writing a post for your blog. Take note, you don't need to be a professional writer to be able to post for a hub.

How to earn money with Hubpages?

Personally, I use hubs for helping beginners who were searching for ideas on how to start their own home business. There are 4 ways to make money with Hubpages.

1. Google AdSense
You can earn money from your hubs when people click on the AdSense ads posted on your hubs. There's a button (Configure) inside you Hubapages Affiliate Setting where you need to input your AdSense Affiliate code and then after, your hubs is ready to make money for you. Hubpages made this intelligent feature so people will write more hubs that will make their community more bigger. The money is made when Google pay you 60% of the amount that advertiser paid them for advertising their ads on your hub. It is easy to apply for Google AdSense Account, you just need to read and follow their Terms of Service. You can also gather more idea about Google AdSense by visiting their Inside AdSense Blog.

2. Ebay
The way it works is just the same with Google AdSense. You need to sign up for an Ebay Affiliate account, grab your unique code, configure your Hunpages Affiliate Setting and your ready to earn.

3. Amazon
Amazon Affiliates promote their products on your hubs just how Google AdSense and Ebay promote their ads. The process of enabling Amazon is the same with both AdSense and Ebay. Tip: You can earn high profit with amazon if you write for a topic about products that are bestseller to Amazon.

4. Hubpages Ad Program
The HubPages Ad Program is an additional way to easily earn money from traffic to your Hubs. The HubPages Ad Program works great alongside Google AdSense, and has the potential to significantly enhance your overall earnings. Like with Google AdSense and other affiliate there a configuration button on your profile affiliate setting that need to be completed.

How to be successful with Hubapages and earn more money?

1. Chosing the right niche and the right keywords.
This is the most important part of your money making hubpages plan. You should choose the topic where you have knowledge and interest. This way you will not find it difficult to write on going hubs. In regards to the keywords it must be present on the title of your hub and must be mention at least 3 times on the content. Google Keyword Tool is the best place to check for best keywords to use on your hub.

2. Pinging you hubs
Your hubs must be index by Google the soonest time you publish it online.  The pinging tool that I always use is There are a lot of other pinging tools that you can find when searching on Google. This is free service so go try it yourself.

3. Content
Tip, the more the content the better. The content that you write must be 100% original and with high value. The total word count should be 300-500 and the keyword must be mention at least 3 times on the body.

4. Getting Links
Submit your hub link to different sites that SEO's were using for their optimization, this way you will gain more popularity that your hubs needs to enhance it's overall rating and earning.

For final tip don't just read this do it, have fun and earn more money with Hubpages!

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