Earn Money From Home by Blogging

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Can I earn money from home by blogging? This has been a question I always read on a lot of forums and social media over the internet. Blogging is the action in which someone creates a website and post the things that interest him/her wether that could be a commentary, desciption of events, photographs, video or mp3. You do not need to be a professional writer in order for you to have your own blog, as long as you have the passion to write and you are willing to learn and experiment new things then you are very much welcome to start your own blog.

When you put your heart and your knowledge to the subject you are writng about eventually there are people who are interested in that topic that will visit and compliment your blog. Now here comes the search engine, if say for example Google notices that there's a lot of people browsing your write ups then he will grade you an A, meaning Google will give you the spot light. This spot light is what advertisers were looking for in order for them to advertise their products.

Spot light plus Advertiser with product is equals to? Money! Tell me now, can you earn money on blogging?

Now the question is how can I earn money from home by blogging? We all know that every business needs a capital. True! But not all business needs high capital to start with. True again! So don't be discourage of starting your own online business because of thinking about the expenses that you might be spending.

To help you with starting your blog below are the steps that you must follow:

1. Topic
Identify your hobbies and interests that you like most. List at least 5 and from that choose which one you really love. Now you already have the topic to write about.

2. Domains and Hosting
You have the option to buy your own domain and your own hosting server if you like. But if you are short on budget and since you are just starting this out, I would like to suggest that you start with blogspot. You just need to have an account on gmail so you have the username and password to login in Blogger. Take note, you can have as many blog as you want with just one gmail account.

3. Writing
At first write 5 different post about the topic you have chosen with a minimum of 300 to 500 word count for every post. Take note write a compelling and unique article post, this is what Google and your readers wants. Aside from the 5 post about your topic, you need to prepare the About us of your blog, your contact us and the privacy policy. About us will just talk about your blog's goal and the reason for putting it. Contact us will be your email address, telephone number if any and the address. It is more legit if you add a phone number and address on your blog. For the privacy policy, you can have a search on Google about privaccy page generator, don't just copy and paste whatever they generate you, remember to edit it as suitable to your blog.

4. Link Building
SEO is a broad topic that will be discussed next, but to give you some basic optimization you can just do some social bookmarking, social networking and blog commenting. The core idea is to reach out spiders and readers telling them that you have created your blog.

5. Testing
Check out your blog's stat to see how many visitors you have and which post have a lot of reader, by that you can start to write your next blog post according to what people really want. Rinse and repeat!

Remember, testing and not getting the results you dream of are part of getting started in any business, so if you are new to all of this stuff, but want to at least create something useful and long-term, go with blogging and see yourself earning money from home.

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