Philippines Sari Sari Store

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A sari-sari store is a convenience store found in the Philippines. The word sari-sari is Tagalog meaning "variety". Such stores form an important economic and social location in a Filipino community. It is present in almost all neighborhoods, sometimes even in every street. Most sari-sari stores are privately owned shops and are operated inside the shopkeeper's house. Commodities are displayed in a large screen-covered or metal barred window in front of the shop. Candies, canned goods and cigarettes are often displayed while cooking oil, salt and sugar are often stored in sacks or cans. A small window is also present where the customer's requested commodity is given. A cigarette lighter tied to the window can also be found. Benches and sometimes tables are also provided in front of the sari-sari store. A shade is placed above it which is also used to cover the large window when the store closes. - Wikipedia

Philippines Sari Sari Store
Sari sari store is the very common business that you can find everywhere  in the Philippines. Almost every 'kanto' have this mini grocery where you can find different varieties that a typical Filipino needs for his daily living. All types of goods can be bought in 'tingi' because sari sari store aims to sell goods for a very low price.

A sari sari store can be operated in a mini place where the owner display all the goods in a cabinet. Other people with the very little budget operates in their house with just the windows open. Instead of having the cabinet they put a string 'sampayan' and display the goods by the use of 'sipit'.

When it comes to capital, a best sari sari store would need at least 20K  to 50K, but if you are on tight budget, 5k to 10k would be ok as a start. You just need to be wise when it comes to purchasing the goods. Just remember always buy in wholesale.

Sari sari store offers all type of goods that is needed on everyday living, so you don't need to worry about the customer because you'll never be running out of it.

And for the last reminder always be a jolly and helpful 'tindera' so you get more 'suki'.

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