Online Payment Method in The Philippines

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With the computer and internet as a large part of our lives today, more and more individuals were now being engaged in rendering product and services online that pays them high commission. Whatever you are going to make online that talks about money always remember to check the type of payment you will be using. It is not a secret to us that there are a lot of applications online that are scam.

So to help you out, here are the list of payment method accepted internationally and is applicable here in the Philippines:

  • Paypal
  • Paypal let's you send and accept payment quickly and easily. This is one of the safest payment method online using your creadit card or debit card. I have applied for EON card at Union Bank to have the debit card number that must be connected to my Paypal account. After the client have transfer the money to my Paypal Account I need to transfer it again to my EON account. Withdrawal of the money can be made after three business days after the transaction. Learn more about paying for items or services with PayPal.
  • Western Union
  • Western Union is the system I and my client always use since here in the Philippines Western Union outlet can be found anywhere. The sender would just need to know the receiver's Full Name and Complete Address in order for him to transfer the money, at the same time the receiver must also know the senders' full name and address because he will use that to withdraw the money. The money can be withdrawn 10 minutes after the transaction have been completed. 
  • Bank Deposit
  • With this kind of method the sender will just deposit the money to the bank either going to the bank or online. The only thing that the sender needs is the account number and the name of the receiver. Withdrawal of the money can be made minutes after the transaction.
  • Smart Money (Smart)
  • Smart Money Transfer is one of the latest payment method which is becoming popular in the Philippines. SMART Money’s money transfers are as easy and as fast as texting. By just having a smart sim and going to any Smart Outlet to load for smart money you can now transfer load to anyone who has a smart sim. Learn more about Smart Money for transfering funds.
  • GCash (Globe)
  • Gcash is a payment service acclaimed locally and internationally, your mobile phone will serve as you wallet for a secure and fast money transfer for as easy as texting. To learn more about how GCash Works visit Globe GCash.
  • Google Checkout
  • Google Checkout™ is so far the latest type of payment method online. This is powered by Google that let's you buy from stores across the web quickly and easily. Not only that this type of payment lets you track all your orders and shipping. They also have fraud protection policy that covers every customer against unauthorized purchases made through Google Checkout. Along with their policy is the pledge of not sharing the customer's purchase history or full credit card number. Lastly the purchaser can keep his/her email address confidential and easily be turn off.

Just a friendly tip, before doing any transaction read carefully the terms and condition of the online payment service that you chose.

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