7 Extra Income Ideas To Start From Home Today

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Talking about money making while you are at home? This is happening right now, everywhere!

Freelancers, that’s what we call them.  They are the person who stays at home raising kids, or old enough to have a full-time job, or a person who is disabled and find it hard to leave home every day.

But whatever reason it is you want to earn money.

I have here list of Extra Income Ideas to Start from Home Today:


Most of computer owners now a day only know how to use computer, but don’t know anything about maintaining or cleaning it.  All they know is that if they have anti-virus their computer is safe. Yes! Safe from viruses. But how about on taking care of it?
Here is where this repairing goes, offer them the skills you have and be sure to meet their satisfaction.


Almost all of the businesses now have their own website. If you have enough knowledge about web designing, no doubt you’ll earn big in this industry. All you need is good eye on designing and formal training.

Are you a website designer? Find a job here.


If you are good on baking cakes, cup cakes and cookies and have a good sense on designing why not offer it to the neighborhood or local markets?  Or even on facebook and other personal social sites. People now a days love to pay for that custom cakes for special events and parties.
You can also have that small café in your garage offering them your cakes with a drink to compliment those sweet creations of yours.


Is your garage big enough? Why not have a carwash? If you are living in a village or subdivision this one will work for you. You can offer you neighbors to wash their cars especially on weekends. The whole family can help you on washing cars. This idea also adds more bonding with you family while earning money.

5. ROOM for RENT

Have a vacant room? If you have a house near a college or University this kind of business fits you. Students don’t want to travel that long to go to school. You can also offer rooms for tourists especially when house is near a tourist destination. You can offer them free breakfast and other amenities.

Remember, the number one thing that guests need is to feel at home while far away from home.


Laundry?? Tell me about it. Many people including me hate doing this stuff. So I’d rather pay than doing the laundry.  But if you want to earn money and knows how to pull this one, this one is the best home business for you. You just have to make sure that you know how to deal with different kind of fabrics and do the right process of washing them.  And don’t forget the fabric conditioner, you must have that long lasting smell clothes. For me it is one of the trademarks of a laundry shop.


Do you have that patience when it comes to kids?  If you do, this one will work for you. Many parents right now are very busy on work, meeting, talks and other social events. Which is when they got home they are tired enough to teach their kids with their home works and other school related stuffs. This is where the opportunity for you comes out.  You just have to know the subject where you are good at. Of course this won’t happen if you will just sit and wait, ask your friends and neighbors. Do a little survey at this topic and then offer them what you have.

Become an online teacher.

Be your own boss. Don’t ever let a second of your life sitting, you have to earn money. Let’s be practical, even a cup of coffee now a days is very expensive. Have a part time job and earn at home while spending quality time with your family.

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