Flip Flop Refrigerator Magnet Business

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Recently, I have been searching of different arts and crafts businesses that can be started at home of work at home moms and teen hobbyist. So the first thing I did is search on Google all the arts and crafts business ideas here in the Philippines. Secondly, and the most important thing is showing the list to my friends and asking them of the arts and craft that they love to have. This is to assure that the ideas that I will be starting will definitely click to the market.

Personally, I am an art lover person and I am always fun of fixing, designing and making craft works. On the other hand, I am a full time online marketer and web designer so doing arts and crafts is really a battle with my time.

So with my busy schedule I've pick one art project that don't require too much time and that is how to create flip flop refrigerator magnet.

The Reason:
Magnet is used to attached notes to refrigerator and flip flops is really cute so combining the two makes up a cool and artistic project. And aside from that materials are accessible and cheap.

The Process:

  1. I've bought flip flop clay from Tiwi Albay that is worth P20.00 per pair.
  2. I've also bought 1 pack of magnets from the bookstore worth P50.00 for 12 pcs.
  3. Using glue gun, attached 2 magnets on the back of 1 flip flop.

magnetsflip flopsglue guns

Viola! you now have flip flop refrigerator magnet that you can give as a gift to your friends and love ones and you can sell for P25 to P35 each or depending to your packaging. 

Additional Tip:
Aside from selling this on retail and as a gift, this is also best for souvenirs like baptism, birthdays and weddings.

So go and explore your hidden artistic talents and try other cute designs as a substitute for flip flop.

And that's for our art and craft home business project, hope you find this flip flop refrigerator magnet helpful for starting your own home business.

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