How To Become a Wedding Photographer

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Wedding industry is a big money!

One of the best income stream you can tap from wedding service is being a wedding photographer.

People get crazy over pictures, and this is very true specially for memorable occasions. We want those memories to be capture on every image that we get.

So here are easy steps on how to become a wedding photographer

1. Get good camera.
Everybody knows that the better camera you have, the better your photos will be.
Although everybody has android phone this day, still nothing beats a good camera

2. Start Practicing
Go to weddings of friends and family and poach wedding photos from the real photographer

3. Start a wedding photography website and advertise
Post the pictures you have taken as your portfolio, of course don't forget to ask for permission from the people you've take those pictures with

4. Set your price
do the math and don't forget to make affordable packages

5. Invest in yourself
Meet up with other aspiring photographer and share ideas with them.
Read articles and books on how to improve your shoot.
Watch tutorials and study about lighting and mood setting

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