Invitation Card Business

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Invitation for celebration is a perfect thing as creation. Be creative and productive in creating invitations for special occasions.

Materials needed:

  • Printer
  • computer
  • Special Paper
  • Ribbons
  • Scissor
  • Double sided tape


  1. Think of a theme you want and like. For example frozen theme you have to look for an idea of snowflakes and a picture of the characters in the movie frozen.
  2. Layout the design and formulate a style. To become personalized include the picture of the celebrant in the invitation design. And you have to indicate all the details needed in the invitation like the name of the celebrant, date, time, venue and message.
  3. Printout the final design into the special paper for the invitation operation.
  4. After you print the design it’s time to create the other designs in the outside features of the invitation. Like the frozen invitation you have to cut out snowflakes and also picture of the celebrant as to make it more personalized and cute as it looks like.
  5. Also you can add a ribbon to make it more attractive and beautiful.
  6. Simple as that you can have invitation in your special occasion. Very simple yet personalized no need to exert a lot of money only effort and creative mind will survived a glamorous invitation for a moment of celebration.

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