Candy Store Business

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Jelly bean, bubble gum, gummy bears, jelly worms, chocolates!
Name every sweets you know - people young and old have a sweet taste of them.

So why not start a small business out of this?

Here's a simple plan on how to start your own candy store business:

Step 1: Find the right candy supplier.
Be extra careful on choosing the right supplier.
Don't go with just the low price, as you know we should be very careful with food.
Make sure that your supplier have the sanitation permit.

Step 2: Set up your mini store.
Find a good location - near the school, mall, park, etc.

Step 3: Set up your online store.
You can also post your business on Social site like Facebook and you can start marketing your candy business to your friends.

Step 4: Study more about your business and grow your marketing.
Be creative, check online for other people who have the same business and get ideas from them and possibly make it better.

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  1. I feel extremely confident that this plan will keep me organized with feeding my family." - Missy  poradnik


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