Making Ribbons For Graduation

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Good morning business minded people!

So recently I got this project from my grandma which is to design ribbons for her kindergarten students who were graduating from kinder 1.

She said she will cover all the expenses plus give me extra money for the labor. But for me weather she give me payment or not I still get the project because I want to help her out preparing for the graduation.

Suddenly the light bulb came up, why not I write a short post about making ribbons for graduation as business for other people who would like to have extra income during graduation season :)

So here's how I did it:
1. I open up Photoshop, where I normally do my designs.
2. Grab some idea from Google.
3. Get the logo which I need to add on the ribbon.
4. Come up with my own design.
5. Out of 1 design I just multiply it and change to different color so that the kids would love it.
6. Print it out on a special paper
7. Cut it out.
8. Add some ribbons.

Viola! I'm done making ribbons for my grandma's kindergarten students.

Here are the ribbons I have made.

You might want to check this out:

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