Flowery Necklace

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Want to be fashionable and fabulous? Well, wear this necklace with a unique flowery pendant made of plastic spoon it will make you prettier.


  • plastic spoon
  • necklace chain
  • necklace clasp
  • starter ring
  • paint (any color)
  • candle
  • glue (epoxy glue)


  1. Prepare the things needed in making flower necklace.
  2. After getting the materials needed the first thing you need to do is to get the plastic spoon and then cut the handle  and remain the head of it and this will serve as the petal of the flower pendant.
  3. After separating the head of the spoon into its handle you may now get the candle and fire it out.
  4. So if the fire is ready get the head of the plastic spoon and place it on the top of the fire but make sure that the spoon will not be burn out.
  5. after making that fourth step you've noticed that the spoon is suddenly deform its shape and so that's the style.
  6. So after making the petals spoon  you can now form a flower using the petals and use the epoxy glue in putting together the petal plastic spoon.
  7. for the next procedure after making the flower you can now paint it with the color you choose.
  8. And finally the flower pendant which is made up of plastic spoon is already done you can now start assembling the materials in making necklace.
  9. For the necklace all you have to do is to connect the necklace clasp into necklace chain.
  10. When the necklace is ready get the starter ring in order to bind together the flower in the necklace.
  11. So that's it your flowery necklace is finish you can wear it anywhere and everywhere.
  12. How much will you make:
  13. 300pesos is the starting capital in making this  necklace. For 300pesos you can have at least 15 finished products. If your going to sell this one you can put a price of 20pesos per necklace so you have a 3pesos income since its original price is 17pesos each.


  • It is one of the best and unique accessories that you can wear.
  • Super simple in making but super elegant in wearing
  • You can have it as a gift for your love ones.
  • You can wear this for any kind of occasions.
  • You may take a picre of it and post in fb, instagram or any form of social networking sites in order to advertise this very unique necklace.

Wearing flowery necklace will make you elegant in any occasions and events in your life.

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