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Sending a card to your love ones ? Well, this cute and unique Button card is the best ideal card that you can give.

  • button (any color, shape and style)
  • different accessories
  • pencil/coloring pen
  • paper
  • scissor
  • cutter
  • paste/ glue
  1. First you need to prepare the following materials in making the button card.
  2. Then if the materials are already prepared you can now start making your own button card.
  3. So get the paper and fold it with four phases.
  4. After folding you can now use the front side for your decoration.
  5. Then for the decoration get the materials needed in order to decorate the card you can choose whatever button and accessories you want , its up to you on how you were going to execute the design and style.
  6. Aside from putting buttons and accessories  you can also draw, write a message or anything you want to illustrate on your card using the pencil and other coloring material.
  7. Using the glue u can paste or attached the buttons and other accessories in to your card.
  8. And also use the scissor or the cutter to cut and create a hole on your card.
  9. So make your self busy and enjoy in creating your own button card.
  10. After decorating you can now start writing  a message inside the card to the recipient of that button card.
  11. So if the decoration and the message is done, well the button card is ready for delivery. 
How much will you make:

  • You can start creating button card in such a small amount of capital. For only 100pesos you can produce 10 pieces of button cards. Per piece of button card is worth 8pesos so if your going to sell it you can sold it for 10pesos each and then get a 2pesos income per piece.
  • Tips:
  • It is a best ideal gift for every occasions.
  • It can be a personalized or not.
  • You may use old buttons or used buttons in creating this card.
  • For only small amount of money you can start creating this business.
  • You may use the fb, instagram, and other forms of social networking sites to promote, endorse and advertise your button card.
Think wise , create nice to come up with cute unique button card.

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