"Picturific Lollypop"

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Wanna have a unique gift or souvenir? Well, try this cute and simple picturific lollypop to have a super cool souvenir that your guest and love ones will love.

Candy pop (lollypop)
Picture (take a picture of someone holding a fist out in front of them)

1) First take a picture of someone holding a fist out in front of them.
2) Cut little slits above and below of their hand.
3) Then get a lollypop.
4)Next stick the handle of the sucker through the picture.
5) And there you have it the picturific lollypop is ready for give away.

How much will you make:
>You can start this business at a very affordable capital. For only 70 pesos you can already produce 10 pieces considering each piece is worth 7pesos. You can sell this for 10pesos each getting 3pesos as an income.

1) Be creative enough and take a best shot in achieving the picture that suites for the ideal picturific lollypop.
2) This is one of the best souvenir/give away for any celebrations like birthdays, weddings, debut, christening, and many more.
3) Post your samples in fb, instagram and other social networking sites in order to advertise your unique products.

So what are you waiting for ? Now is the best time to start a business out of your creativity.
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