Sweets Making Business: Jell O Oranges

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Jell O Oranges

Step 1: Gather oranges and cut into halves.

Step 2: Scoop out insides with spoon or melon baller to make into a bowl.
Or, to make use of the juice, use an orange squeezer by hand
(Be careful when using an orange squeezer because too much force
will grind through the orange peel and create holes)

Step 3: Prepare Jell-o, follow directions on the box. 
Depending on the recipe, boil the required amount of water in a 
pot then pour into a bowl with the Jell-o packet powder. 
Mix with a spoon until the powder has entirely dissolved, 
then CAREFULLY ladel the Jell-o liquid into the orange shells. 
(Choosing to make the ‘Jell-o Jigglers’ recipe on the side of the 
box creates a firmer Jell-o that is better for cutting, 
but it does require about double the amount of packets normally used.)

Step 4: When all orange shells have been filled with liquid Jell-o,
CAREFULLY place into the fridge to harder.
(This usually takes only about an hour because the oranges are so small.)

Step 5: After the gelatin has completely formed,
cut the oranges by halves. (Each orange makes about 8 slices.
Each half/bowl creating about 4 slices.)

Step 6: Repeat steps if more flavors are desired.
Serve on a platter and blow people’s minds!

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