Macrame Bracelet or Choker Business

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Bracelet making is another fun and easy craft business that anyone with the passion for creative art work can make. The materials to be used in this kind of project is also cheap and easy to find. So here is the step you need to take to make this Macrame Bracelet.

  • Hemp Twine (length depends on person) 
  • Beads (as many as desired) 
  • Balloons 
  • String  
The Two Basic Knots

Most hemp jewelry is made up of two basic knots, which are illustrated below. These knots are basically the reverse of each other. If you just repeat one knot over and over again, you will get a spiral pattern that looks like a double-helix. If you alternate one knot and then the other, you will get a flat pattern: 

The Two Basic Knots

But first, we need to figure out how much hemp to cut.  

You will need 4 lengths of hemp. Two will form the base (black), and should be a little longer than the finished piece will be. The other two (blue and red) will be used to make the knots and need to be at least 5 or 6 times longer than the finished piece. The length can vary depending on any beads you may add - if you use a lot of large beads you will need less hemp because you will be making fewer knots. 

Tip: If you want a loop at one end of the piece (so you can use a button or knot clasp), use only two pieces. Make them twice as long, fold them over, and tie a loop. 

Knot 1
Fold the right strand (red) over the base strands (black) and under the left strand (blue). Bring the left strand (blue) under the base strands (black) and then up and over the right strand (red). Tighten the knot. 

Knot 2
Then fold the left strand (red) over the base strands and under the right strand (blue). Bring the right strand (blue) under the base strands and then up and over the left strand (red). Tighten the second knot.  And that's it! These two knots form the basic structure of most hemp jewelry.
Adding Beads

Adding beads to your hemp necklace is easy. Just thread it on both base strands (black) and make a knot around it. If the bead's hole is too small to be threaded onto the hemp, it can be attached using bead thread (sew it on) or wire (make a loop of wire and thread that onto the base strands like you would a bead - tighten to secure). 

Here's an example of a necklace made with a flat weave (alternating the two knots), interspersed with crow beads.  

Necklace Made With A Flat Weave

A flat-braid necklace with wooden rainbow beads: 

Necklace With Wooden Rainbow Beads

Finishing Hemp Jewelry There are several ways to finish off your hemp jewelry:

  • Tie Ends Allow enough hemp to twist or braid the ends and then tie them together. This is the easiest and simplest way to finish.  Bead/Button/Knot clasp This requires some forethought. When you start your piece, instead of cutting 4 strands, cut 2 twice as long, fold them over in half, and tie a loop which will be one end. When you finish, put a large bead, button, or knot at the other end. When you stick the bead through the loop, it will catch and hold. 
  • Slider-Knots If you don't want to use any metal or other objects in your piece, but you want to be able to adjust the length, there are a few different ways to end necklaces using just hemp slider-style knots. These are the type where there are two knots that tie over both strandsa and that slide apart to shorten the necklace... It's hard to explain and unfortunately I don't have a picture yet, but they are covered in this book: Hemp Masters: Ancient Hippie Secrets (Amazon link - full review on resources page). 
  • Metal Clasp You can use a regular clasp if you finish the ends of your hemp piece with metal or wire cord tips. These go over the ends of cord, leather thong, or in this case, hemp. There are two types, one has metal flaps that bend over the cord and the other has a coil, the bottom of which you crimp around your cord.  

Samples of Macrame Bracelet or Choker:

Macrame Bracelet Collection

Macrame Bracelet with Sterling Silver

Macrame Bracelet With Peace Symbol Pendant

Macrame Bracelet with Golden Pearl Beads

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