How To Make Recycled Paper

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Want to take some scrap paper and turn it into craft paper? You can make a mobile, make a masterpiece, write a letter, draw a picture, frame a picture, your imagination is the limit on what can be done with your new paper.

Because you will have to use a blender and hot iron and the activity tends to be a little messy, don’t forget to wear old clothes!

You will need the following materials:
  • Electric Blender
  • Plastic Pan
  • Warm Water
  • Window Screen
  • Duct Tape
  • Paper or newspaper to blot with
  • Scrap paper – newsprint and colored paper
  • Clean dry cellulose sponge
  • Iron

Recycled Paper
 How to Begin the Activity:
  1. Take some scrap paper and tear it into small strips, place in jar and cover with warm water. Make sure that all staples, paper clips and other materials have been removed. Let soak for about half an hour.
  2. Cut the screen material so that it is smaller than the bottom of the pan. Frame the screen by either folding the edges over or covering them with duct tape. Make two pieces like this. You will need more if you are doing this with a friend or sibling.
  3. Place the soaked paper in a blender half filled with water and mix until smooth. This is called paper pulp.
  4. Pour the pulp into a plastic pan. Add warm water to the pan until the mixture resembles a thick soup or slurry.
  5. Slide the screen frame to the bottom of the pan and gently move it back and forth. This will evenly distribute the pulp on top of the screen.
  6. Lift the screen frame out of the mixture (keeping it flat) allowing the excess water to drip over the pan until most of it has drained. You can use the sponge to compress as much of the remaining water from the pulp as possible.
  7. Place the screen with the pulp side up on a stack of newspaper. You may at this point, if you wish, decorate your pulp with dry flowers, glitter, food color or confetti.
  8. Cover your pulp with another piece of screen and more newspaper. Press down with a warm iron to remove more of the moisture. Be careful, the wire frame will be hot to the touch.
  9. Lift off the top newspaper, carefully remove the top screen and gently peel your paper from the
  10. screen and place on dry newspaper.
  11. You will have to place the paper flat in a warm dry place for it to continue to dry.
  12. When it’s dried completely – you have your “new” craft paper - start using your imagination!!!

Sample works out of recycled paper:

Recycled Paper as Camera

Recycled Paper as Card
Recycled Paper as Note Books Cover

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